Alex Gittemeier

Software Engineering Professional
FOSS Software Contributor

I am an experienced project maintainer and full stack software engineer. I write code to pay the bills, but at home I enjoy digging deep into programming languages, software architectures, and cryptography. I have a large catalog of software projects in various stages of completion, ranging from novel uses of computer networking to exploration in procedural art.

What I am currently working on

Let's talk about Ruby

Ruby is my favorite language because it checks a lot of boxes. It fills the role of a modern perl with its expressive one-liner capabilities, and scales easily into large applications without protest. Ruby strikes the perfect balance between functional and imperative style, and it was the language that opened my eyes to the wonder of functional programming. I am just beginning to learn Common Lisp, mostly for academic reasons and because some of my favorite features of Ruby were inspired by Lisp.

What this is all about

I view software as a sort of swiss army knife, and I am quick to apply the toolset to a wide range of tasks. I care deeply about the public utility of free software, and feel blessed to take part in our world's largest community project.