photo of me: a strapping young fellow with short brown hair and a trimmed red beard. More of the right side of my face is visible, and I have a calm expression, and neither smiling nor frowning.

Alex Gittemeier

Software Engineering Professional
Free Software Contributor

GitLab: @dot_lexgGitHub: @win93LinkedInPGP key for me[at] • 🏳️‍🌈

I am an experienced project maintainer and full stack software engineer. I write code professionally to pay the bills, but my proudest work is done on my own time at Coldwater Systems.

I enjoy digging deep into programming languages, software architectures, and cryptography. I have a large catalog of software projects in various stages of completion, ranging from novel uses of computer networking to exploration in procedural art.

My stable projects

The workshop (as of Dec 2023)

Aspen: the missing computer toolbox

Aspen is my current über-project I am working towards with Keenan Piveral-Brooks. Aspen is an experimental system of tools that are designed to work seamlessly together within in a workspace. The scope is similar to desktop environments such as KDE and Gnome. To give an idea of our progress, we are actively implementing Aspen UI, an in-house GUI framework for Ruby built on top of SDL2. The current goal is to work towards building a note taking tool using Aspen UI that will form the first building block of Aspen.

Keenan and I also plan on using this notes tool to collaborate on Aspen more effectively. For this, we have some prototypes on the shelf for Fabric, a peer-to-peer networking platform designed to exchange audio, video, and/or event streams with minimal configuration and setup.

The second item on the shelf is some work towards alternatives to traditional hierarchical filesystems. This includes research into distributed content-addressable filesystems, tagging instead of directories, and extensible metadata storage.

The Board: self-hosted, invite-only article board

Finally, I’ve worked with Keenan on some prior prototypes of The Board. Keenan alone is undertaking a third iteration of this project, and I merely provide some technical assistance and advice this time around.

Let’s talk about Ruby

Ruby is my favorite language because it checks a lot of boxes.

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